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AuCom MVE Soft Starters

AuCom's MVE medium voltage soft starters are an integrated solution for motor control and protection. MVE soft starters feature advanced soft start and soft stop functionality with extensive motor and system protection, plus a user-friendly interface and complete commissioning diagnostics.

MVE soft starters provide a complete range of motor and system protection features and have been designed for reliable performance in the most demanding industrial installation situations. Advanced algorithms ensure ultra-smooth starting and stopping, and fully adjustable protection features maximize electrical and mechanical protection for your motor and system. A large-format display and detailed performance logs make setup and operation simple.

The MVE soft starter includes numerous user-friendly features to ensure safe and easy operation, and has the flexibility to meet the demands of all medium voltage situations. The MVE provides compact and robust soft start solutions for control of medium voltage motors.


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MVE soft starters offer several special functions to ensure ease of use and to provide optimal motor control in all environments and applications.

  • Compact, modular design.
  • Draw-out construction allows easy inspection.
  • Fibre-optic interface provides complete isolation and safety.
  • Bypass terminals. Retains motor protection and monitoring functions even when the starter is bypassed.
  • Air insulation for long term reliability.
  • Low voltage test mode aids commissioning.
  • Real time clock for event monitoring
  • Comprehensive event and trip logging
  • Customizable Protection Each protection setting can be individually set to: (Trip , Warn & Log , Log Only)
  • Comprehensive protection settings to ensure safe operation of the motor and the load.
  • Advanced Thermal Modelling
  • Informative Feedback Screens
  • HMI Customizations (The MVE HMI screen can be customised to suit user requirements, with shortcut keys and a status screen displaying user-selected information)
  • Dual Parameter Set



Current range : 50 ~ 500A nominal
Motor connection : In-line
Rated voltage class : 2.3kV to 13.8 kV
Mains frequency : 45 Hz to 66 Hz


  • Optimize performance for any motor and load combination.
  • Soft stop reduces or eliminates water hammer in pump applications.
  • Simplicity. The soft starter provides a complete motor control solution in one package. This includes advanced motor protection, input/output signals for remote control/monitoring and a wide range of communication options.
Oil and Gas

MVE soft starters are perfect for the control of liquid and gas pumping. As well as the standard MVE soft starters, AuCom also has a range of arc proof panel systems for your consideration.

Water and wastewater

Water hammer is solved using the MVS soft starter, as well as stopping pumps without causing damage to pipework, check valves and other equipment. AuCom soft starters are able to offer a variety of protections as well as starting and stopping functions.


The MVS is the ideal starting solution for large vessels with limited generator set supplies. Fibre-optic interfacing between the MV and LV sections improves operator safety, and air insulation ensures long-term reliable operation.


In the heavy-duty world of mining, soft starters can make a huge difference to the operating life of your equipment. From crushers and mills to conveyors and pumps, AuCom soft starters have helped improve production efficiencies at mining facilities throughout the world.


AuCom soft starters can be quickly and easily integrated into an Ethernet or fieldbus network using easy-to-install interfaces. These compact interfaces plug directly onto the side of the starter or the back of the controller, allowing full control and monitoring across the network.

Separate interfaces are available for Devicenet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus, Modbus TCP, Profibus and Profinet.